Xylitol USA Promo Codes October 2019

About Xylitol USA

Sweet treats have a special place in our hearts – and our bellies – but they’re definitely not great for our waistlines. Sugary desserts, drinks, and candy can also cause medical problems like tooth decay, insulin spikes, and energy imbalances. We know they’re bad for us, but staying away from cakes, icecream, juice, and other sugar-sweetened treats are hard to cut out of our diets entirely. Enter Xylitol.
Xylitol – an all natural sugar substitute – has none of the negative effects of sugar. With less than half the calories, Xylitol is better for your diet and the complex carbohydrate is absorbed slowly and steadily throughout the day, so there are no insulin spikes or mood changes. And Xylitol from is certified safe, make in Canada and derived from North American Hardwood trees. Use Xylitol online coupons to save on Xylitol and use it as a substitute for sugar in:

Baked goods
Kool aid and mixed drinks
Coffee and Tea
Slaws and other sweetened savory foods

Xylitol ranks even lower on the glycemic index than agave nectar and features just 2.4 calories per gram. Buy your Xylitol from and invest in a healthy, all-natural sweetener for less.

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